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CCFL - BOSSTAR Technology Co., Ltd.

BOSSTAR Technology Co., Ltd. The aim of the CCFL focus on: CCFL, Spiral Bulb, Modeling lamp, UV-CCFL, T8CCFL Lighting, Bosstar eco-friendly Sterilization UV Lamp, Plant Growing light Lamps, T5 Lamp Closet with Low Temperature, non-UV Light and many kinds of special lamps, such as anti-explosion, medical treatment, and non-UV lamps, towards development and production in consumed of electronic products application.

Since established and launched in 1999, BOSSTAR have always been specialized in lighter, thinner, shorter and smaller, low radiation's light sources, and developed high technology light products to improve the environment pollutions; then, promoting “Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction”, combining three target of development concept in energy saving, eco-friendly and naturally to get the global trend.

So far, our services have been made to various customers:
  • T8ccfl: home lighting, office, sign board, factory lighting, exit lights, lighting box;
  • UVO: medical treatment, shopping mall, elevator lighting, public transportation;
  • PGL: Indoor farming, indoor plant, technology farming, aquarium;
  • Spiral Bulb: indoors lighting and outdoor lighting, bus station;
  • T5 lamp closet: glasses cabinet, cosmetic cabinet, wine cabinet, wardrobe;
  • Unique lamp: anti-explosion lamps, medical treatment lamps;
  • UV-cut lamp: library, museum, art gallery, file room;
  • Business application: appliances, UV-Lighting, counterfeit detector;
  • Industry machines: appliance lighting, machine lighting;
  • Automotive fittings: dashboard backlights, automobile light, decoration light;
  • Computer products and applications: notebook, LCD backlight displays;
CCFL 1. Features:
Compact Size, Light Weight
High Brightness (over 23,000cd / cm2)
Longer Lifetime (over 15,000~50,000 hours)
... ...

Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp 2. Colors:
Multiple colors available: White,Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Black and UV
Triple colors each lamp: Red / Green / Blue colors in one lamp ... ...
CCFL LCD Backlight
CCFL Dashboard Light

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