UVC Lamps

UVC Lamps

UVC Lamps

Product Introduction

UVC Lamp separates into two kinds of lamp; Ozone Lamps and Non- Ozone Lamps. By using the high UV
transmittance quartz tube, the UV light can easier hit oxygen in the air; O2 will split into two atoms of oxygen (O), then it combines with O2 into O3. UV light is only going to kill bacterias that it comes in contact with. For those who does not pass in the view of the light it's not going to be killed. The ozone can overcome this disadvantage of UV light. The Non- Ozone Lamp uses the same technique with ozone lamp, only the different material use in the tube; by mixing the element “Ti” into the quartz glass, so the O3 will be filtered out.
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Ultraviolet Lamp Tubes (2.6 MB)
UV Lamp Construction (1.8 MB)
According to the customer requirement, Bosstar is able to make the customize production for customer in order to satisfy customer needs.
UVC Specification
type Diamete
Lamp current
Lamp voltage
CCFL(Diameter can be made to 15mm) 3 35~800 6 800~1500 100~280 ≦ 2000~10000
4 35~800 6 800~1500 100~280 ≦ 2000~10000
5 35~800 6 800~1500 100~280 ≦ 2000~10000
6 35~800 6 800~1500 100~280 ≦ 2000~10000
HCFL(Can customize wattage) 4W T5-T12 90~180 170 24~34 100~280 ≧ 4000~6000
6W T5-T12 140~280 160 36~48 100~280 ≧ 6000~8000
8W T5-T12 200~380 145 48~64 100~280 ≧ 8000~10000
Ozone Lamps:
  General application is Industry, disinfect function of the house hood floor model and industrial polluted water by semiconductor; especially effective for water cleaning.
Non-Ozone Lamps:
  Air sterilization and disinfecting for bacterias and virus, water sterilization…etc.
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