UV LED Point Light Curing Machine

UV LED point light curing machine

UV LED point light curing machine

Product Introduction

UV LED point light source is through to LED as light source, ultraviolet UV resin (UV glue, paint, ink) to illuminate, UV device for rapid hardening resin.
This machine can be equipped with 1-4 lamps365 nm, 385 nm, 395 nm, 405nm, 470 nm, 520 nm wavelength of different light and power LED is irradiation head, with a corresponding different UV glue printing ink used. With high purity radiation, no thermal radiation, characteristics of long service life, low power consumption, and do not contain ubstances, mercury is a UV LED light curing unit of energy conservation and environmental protection.
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The advantages of high output light power: With irradiation intensity scope, and it can shorten the production time.
With a long life time: Under normal surroundings, the life time of LED point light source is about 20000 hours, quite six times bigger than other lamps, and it can reduce the operation cost.
Ultraviolet hardening is won't to rise temperature: Because it is used single wavelength ultraviolet light source (it doesn’t contain infrared), so temperature is won't affect parts.
The UV intensity is stable: Even when the surrounding temperature and the temperature of the LED changes, it can keep the UV intensity.
It's simple and convenient to operate: Operating by buttons, and the screen is LCD.
Self-test function: If there is non-normal operation or irradiation head open circuit, short circuit, temperature over heating, etc., the system will alarm.
Fanless design: With a leading international natural cooling technology, the irradiation head temperature rapid cooling to protect the long life of the LED chip and also to meet the needs of high cleanliness applications; while there will be no overheating irradiation head.
The curing device can control the illumination channel, also can be controlled individually to meet four stations simultaneously, saving production costs.
Irradiation head number 1-4 independent LED light holder
Radiation pattern Manual mode 1.Irradiation time (Repeated exposure will not stop)
2. Irradiation power (0% to 100%)
Automatic mode 1.Irradiation time range: 0 seconds to 9999.9 seconds (0.1 seconds interval)
2. Output power: 0% to 100%
Manual programming control mode It can be set maximum six programs, eight steps, each step of the power and time can be set freely, according to the set.
Automatic program control mode It can be set maximum six programs, eight steps, each step of the power and time can be set freely, triggers only once to complete all light program.
External control mode RS232 port and I/O port (can communicate with PLC and robot)
External input Irradiation start/stop, emergency stop, interlock, single/start/stop entirely, switch products, and can through the foot switch control the start and end.
External output UV radiation output and light alarm, the READY signal, BUSY signals,+5V output signal
Display content and mode Apply LCD display, channel number set, power, irradiation time, monitor the temperature, the cumulative exposure time, fault state code, radiation pattern
Alarm display content LED light head protection and monitoring, abnormal high temperature operation (such as power, plug light head), leakage alarm and short/broken circuit alarm, etc
Cooling mode Without the fan to cool naturally.
Voltage range AC transformer
Input:100V-240V,50/60HZ, Output:7.5V/4A
Consumption of electricity 30W
Using the environment temperature 0℃-50℃
Save the relative humidity 20%-80%
Size of the controller L160mm x W98mm x H138mm
Heavy volume 1250g
Optical industry: Lens glue and lens, prisms, optical engine assembly, microscope, infrared detector, the probe assembly, etc.
Optical communication industry: Passive components (all kinds of glass encapsulation structure adhesive or potting, tiny components of fixed) gluing. Active device (coaxial device, laser collimator) gluing.
Microelectronics and semiconductor industry: LEC LCD potting, pin and FPC gluing, sensor production, cell phone components assembly, hard disk magnetic head assembly, motor and components assembly, components (capacitor, inductor, all kinds of plug-in, screws, chips, etc.) precision electronics manufacturing.
The medical industry: All kinds of catheter precision and instruments gluing.
Scientific research: The light catalysis, optical excitation, photosynthesis, and various scientific research experiments, etc.