Quartz Sleeve
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Quartz Sleeve

Quartz Sleeve

Product Introduction

The quartz sleeve has better light transmission performance in the entire spectral band from UV to IR. Visible light is transmittance above 93%. Especially UV the maximum transmittance can reach more than 80%. The resistance value of the quartz tube is equivalent to 10,000-fold that of ordinary glass, so it is an excellent insulating material. The quartz tube has good electrical properties even at high temperatures. It can assist UV lamps in water to achieve the best sterilization and waterproof effect and other wavelength lamp applications.
Heat resistance, insulation, acid resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient, good light transmission, the UV lamp tube can be used for waterproof and moisture-proof function when placed in water or in a humid working environment. Use with UV lamp. The quartz glass material can make the UV band penetrate more than 80% of the effect.
matching lamp inner/ outer diameter Length (mm) glass tube opening
CCFL Inner diameter 14mm, outer diameter 15mm, 1mm thick/ Customization Customization Single-ended open/ Double-ended open
HCFL Inner diameter 21.5mm, outer diameter 23mm, 1.5mm thick/ Customization 235mm/ 420mm/ 520mm/ 1800mm/ 2000mm/ Customization Single-ended open/ Double-ended open
Can be placed in waste water tanks or test instruments, etc. and used with UV lamps. It is widely used in water treatment and moisture-proof fields.