UV air sterilizing Lamp

UV air sterilizing lamp

UV air sterilizing Lamp

Product Introduction

UV air sterilizing lamps use 253.7nm wavelength UV lamps to disinfect andpurify the air. By the air pass through our lamps, it keeps air from virus and bacteria, and remains only the clean air. The UV lights can be transformed into visible light by the white optic pad on the surface. It combines lighting and sterilization into one.
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UV air sterilizing lamp Generally Commercial Sterilization UV light
Function Sterilization , Air Purify, Lighting Sterilization
Size available 60 cm X 60 cm X 8 cm
Standard size of fixture is used, and convenient to install.
The installation is just like general lamps’.
The sizes are inconsistent as different brands.
It's inconvenient in both use and lamps replacement.
Power consumption 106W
Only need four 2-feet lamps power, then it can work three functions of sterilization, air purifiers and lighting.
The power consumptions are inconsistent as different brands.
Most available UV lights possess low power consumption and worse effect in sterilization. When purchasing multiple, then expensive.
Materials High Transmittance Quartz
Low Transmittance Borosilicate Glass
1. People are unnecessary to escape when the lamps work.
2. Bosstar patent optical panel are placed below UV light, supplying lighting and protecting people's eye from harm.
3. Safe shutdown device is equipped to further ensure the lamp's security.
1. It's very inconvenient that people are necessary to escape when the lamps work.
2. The general sterilization lamps without any safe equipments make eyes are exposes to UV light and may caused harm.
Sterilization The effect of bactericidal is comprehensive and efficient, due to close range sterilization and forced air circulation design. Bactericidal capacity is available only in effective range, and unavailable when the object is obscured or not in effective range. These disadvantages resulted from the design without forced ventilation air circulation.
Bactericidal effect Better Worse

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Voltage AC110-220V
Current 0.96A
Frequency 60HZ
Power Consumption 106W
Size 60 X 60 X 8(cm)
Test Report
Organization:Taiwan SGS
Report No.:UE/2009/60037A-01
Examination ItemsSterilization ability
Irradiation distance:30 centimeters in enclosed space with 8 cubic meters.
Censorship Result::
Examination Items Before exposed After exposed with 1 hour Unit
Bacteria count 2.4X103 2.5X102 CFU/m3

Organization:Intertek in the United Kingdom
Report No.:Sterilization ability for series of single strain
Irradiation time:30 seconds and 60 seconds
Irradiation distance:3 centimeters
Strain Salmonellosis Staphylococcus aureus Pneumoniae Escherichia coli Bacillus licheniformis Tubercle Bacillus Shigella dysenteriae
30,000 26,100 57,000 22,700 3,600 18,100 38,000
30 seconds
953 752 1,392 681 112 528 1,100
60 seconds
0 3 0 0 1 7 6
effect (%)
100 99.9 100 100 99.9 99.9 99.9
Remark:The bactericidal lamp installed ultraviolet UV-C light tube.
Patent number
For Taiwan :97205757
For China :ZL200820102205.0
Keep continuing to apply other patents in the worlds.
It is suitable for most enclosed space such as sickrooms in hospital, elevators, commercial buildings, shopping malls and public transportation and so on.