UV Curing System

Types and styles of the UV curing machine because of its light solid varies according to the product, but its purpose is consistent, is used for curing the UV paint or UV ink, etc. In addition, UV curing device by a light source system, ventilation system, control system, transfer system and enclosure of five parts.
1. Light source system: it is composed of UV lamp, lamp shade, transformer (ballast), capacitor (triggers). Currently on the market of UV lamp is divided into high pressure mercury lamp and metal halide lamp. A curing machine equipment part adopts metal halogen lamp, part of the application of using high pressure mercury lamp as a machine.
2. Ventilation system: it is composed of blower, air ducts, set the wind hood. The selection of fan, air volume control and exhaust way will affect the life time of tubes.
3. Control system: it is used to control the system of the UV curing machine work.
4. Transfer system: Transmission system is composed of speed regulating motor, transmission mesh belt, chain.
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