UV LED Universal Ceiling Germicidal Lamp
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UV LED Universal Ceiling Germicidal Lamp

UV LED Universal Ceiling Germicidal Lamp

Product Introduction

It can be used for germicidal lamps corresponding to various installation and use methods in different space occasions.
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There is an air circulation system to accelerate the action of space sterilization.
In the presence of people, the sterilization and purification of the air can be carried out continuously.
No need to add additional disinfectant, environmentally friendly and safe.
Safe sterilization without any chemical residue.
A variety of installation methods are suitable for different places.
Specifications Type1 Type1-1 Type2 Type2-2
Voltage AC110-277V 50/60Hz
Power(W) 20W 50W 25W 55W
Wavelength UVC 275nm
Air circulatory system
Working Temperature Range -20~40℃
Life 10000hr
Appearance Size 300* 300* 110 mm 600* 600* 154 mm 300* 300* 147 mm 600* 600* 173 mm
Application range 5~12m² 10-20m² 5-15m² 15-30m²
Home, school, clinic, hospital, gym, hotel, restaurant, company...etc.