Semiconductor yellow lamp
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Semiconductor yellow lamp

Semiconductor yellow lamp

Product Introduction

More commonly used in semiconductor factories such as electronics factories. The lighting in the operating space shall not contain light with a wavelength below 520nm.The pure yellow light anti-ultraviolet lamp tube produced has a yellow light filter layer designed in the glass tube that can completely filter out the light with a wavelength below 520nm. Fluorescent lamps are the most suitable lighting for this purpose.
It can filter out light with a wavelength below 520nm.
High efficiency and energy saving, higher light efficiency, long life design, lumen maintenance rate of 98%.
High color rendering, better light environment, more vivid colors.
Application of electronic semiconductor, PCB, exposure room lighting, etc.
Diameter length (mm) Power(w)
T8 590mm 18W
T5 1149mm 28W
T8 1200mm 36W

※The above sheet is the commonly used specifications of semiconductor yellow light. There are also white light and other color temperature Non-UV lamps available, please inquire separately.
PCB factory, microelectronics factory, archives, library, museum, art gallery, gallery, boutique display shop, color inspection of ink printing, antique cultural relic room, food processing factory.